Why are GaN Chargers Perfect for Travel and Mobile Work?

Why are GaN Chargers Perfect for Travel and Mobile Work?
The short answer is Gallium Nitride technology offers compact, fast charging. But, for HyperJuice multiport USB-C chargers, the benefits go well beyond just efficient, quick power delivery. Our GaN chargers offer manageable sizes, multiple wattage levels, and many more benefits.

Benefit 1: GaN is Travel-Ready

No matter where you’re working from, whether it’s domestic or abroad, HyperJuice GaN chargers make the perfect travel companion. These travel chargers are easy to pack, make efficient use of space, and are extremely portable. Plus, they can convert from a travel-friendly companion to a desktop charger for home or office use, when your work demands it.

Benefit 2: Widely Compatible

Not only can HyperJuice GaN USB-C chargers travel almost anywhere, they can also charge numerous devices. With up to 3 USB-C ports and 1 USB-A port, they ensure maximum charging compatibility for over 1,000 devices worldwide. You can even fast charge a MacBook Air M2 laptop from 0-50% percent in approximately 30 minutes*. Plus, multi-port USB-C chargers allow you to charge numerous things simultaneously including laptops, phones, and tablets.

Benefit 3: Global Adaptability Comes as Standard

Every HyperJuice GaN Wall Charger comes with interchangeable travel adapters for over 150 countries including the US, EU, UK, and ANZ. Now you won’t have to worry about carrying additional converters—we’ve eliminated the need. Plus, Hyper travel adapters lock securely into place, providing a superior solution than adapters which slide over US plugs.

Benefit 4: Includes a C8 Adapter for Charging in More Places

If you’ve traveled anywhere, you know how notoriously loose the outlets in airports can be. Normal wall chargers might fall out of these plug sockets, but with a C8 adapter, you’ll enjoy a more secure solution. By attaching a C7 cable* to the C8 adapter, you can charge from further away and share your power with others in environments like meeting rooms, co-working spaces, and coffee shops.
*C7 cable is sold separately

Benefit 5: Commercial Grade Design

Engineered for commercial-grade performance, HyperJuice Gan Chargers operate 22% cooler than the leading charger brand. This more efficient thermal management ensures devices won’t experience “wattage throttling” and leads to faster, safer charging.

Take your charging to new heights with the adaptable, global, efficient, and powerful HyperJuice USB-C chargers. Available in 70W, 100W, and 145W on Hypershop.com.

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