What is GaN and Why Should You Have a GaN Wall Charger?

What is GaN and Why Should You Have a GaN Wall Charger?
As USB-C charger technology develops and devices require more and more power, the need for efficient charging solutions becomes greater and greater. That’s why HYPER has been focused on creating new charging solutions that utilize Gallium Nitride (GaN for short), a semiconductor material that Goes Beyond what we’ve come to expect. We’ll explore the advantages of using a GaN charger over a traditional silicon-based semiconductors USB charger and uncover the groundbreaking applications we’ve created by harnessing its power.

Understanding GaN

Gallium Nitride is a semiconductor material that offers several advantages over traditional silicon. Known as a “wide-bandgap” semiconductor, its unique composition and properties make it highly desirable for various applications, particularly in power electronics. Unlike silicon, GaN allows for higher power density, improved efficiency, and smaller form factors, leading to faster charging times and longer battery life.

The Unique Advantages of GaN Technology

GaN technology offers several distinct advantages, including:

Efficiency: GaN chargers and adapters boast a higher level of efficiency, resulting in reduced energy consumption and faster charging times.

Power density: GaN's ability to handle higher power allows compact and lightweight charging solutions without compromising performance.

Size: GaN's smaller form factor enables the design of sleek and portable chargers and adapters, perfect for on-the-go use.

Benefits for Consumers

The adoption of GaN technology provides consumers with several benefits including:

Faster charging times: GaN-based USB-C wall chargers deliver higher power outputs, reducing the time needed to recharge devices so users spend less time tethered.

Portability and convenience: GaN's smaller size means compact chargers and adapters, perfect for travel and everyday use.

Energy efficiency: GaN USB chargers minimize loss while powering devices, resulting in reduced energy consumption and prolonged battery life.

HYPER’s HyperJuice GaN Wall Charger Lineup

Hyper will be launching a new lineup of HyperJuice GaN USB-C wall chargers designed to elevate the charging experience, sign up to be notified when chargers launch:

HyperJuice 100W USB-C GaN Global Charger: This versatile USB-C charger allows users to power up to four devices simultaneously, thanks to its USB-C and USB-A options. Its compact size, global adapters (EU, UK, ANZ, and US) and C8 adapter to transform into a desktop GaN USB-C charger, make it the perfect travel companion.

HyperJuice 70W Travel Charger with Adapters: With the ability to charge up to three devices simultaneously, this USB-C charger combines portability with power. Its global adapters (EU, UK, ANZ, and US) and C8 adapter to transform into a desktop GaN USB-C wall charger, ensure compatibility wherever you go.

Available now

HyperJuice 140W PD 3.1 USB-C GaN Charger with Adapters
: The ultimate USB-C wall charger, offering lightning-fast charging speeds and compatibility with a wide range of devices, including the 16” MacBook Pro. Its sleek design and global travel adapters (EU, UK & AU) make it a must-have for on-the-go charging.

Pocket-Sized 35W GaN Powerhouse
HyperJuice 35W USB-C GaN Charger: Compact yet powerful, this USB-C charger is perfect for users seeking portable charging solutions. With dual USB-C ports in a size that fits in your pocket, it's the ideal companion for charging on the move.

GaN technology has revolutionized the way we charge our devices, offering unparalleled efficiency, power, and portability. By utilizing GaN in our HyperJuice charger lineup, consumers can expect faster charging, longer battery life, and a more seamless experience overall. As GaN continues to evolve, the possibilities for innovation are endless, promising a future where charging is faster, smarter, and more convenient than ever.

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