HYPER Files US$1M Lawsuit Against j5create For Patent Infringement

j5create's Bestselling Product Is A Knockoff Of HYPER's HyperDrive


Friday, May 25, 2018 FREMONT, CALIFORNIA: Sanho Corporation - creator of the HYPER line of Apple and mobile accessories - today filed a United States Federal Lawsuit against Kaijet Technology International Limited, Inc. (j5create) for patent infringement and other claims, seeking damages in excess of US$1M. The lawsuit also list as defendants a number of unknown sellers selling infringing products online on various websites including but not limited to at Amazon.com and eBay.com

HYPER by Sanho Corporation is the creator of HyperDrive, the first USB-C hub with 2 USB-C connectors meant for the Apple MacBook Pro. Released on December 5, 2016, HyperDrive went on to raise over $3.1M on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, making it the highest crowdfunded MacBook and USB-C accessory in history. HyperDrive had been widely hailed in the media and started shipping soon after its public demo at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2017. A patent (US D813,875 S) was later awarded for this novel invention.

The lawsuit alleged that around October 2017, j5create blatantly copied the HyperDrive and announced a similar product called "UltraDrive".

In addition to infringing HYPER's registered trademark "HyperDrive" by labeling its product with a similar sounding "UltraDrive", which is likely to cause confusion, j5create's product also copied the twin USB-C input connectors, the same 7 output ports, overall look, and the blue LED light on the original design.

To make matters worse, j5create's UltraDrive even blatantly copied the packaging of HyperDrive, all with the intention to mislead consumers into believing that both products are the same.

The lawsuit also alleged that j5create willfully, intentionally and purposefully tracked HYPER's business progress. For example, after HYPER started selling its product in stores at Best Buy then j5create subsequently began selling its confusing, inferior, and infringing product, at Best Buy at the same stores.

j5create's conduct was a deliberate attempt to create confusion with HYPER's product and unfairly divert HYPER's ideas, customers, and economic advantage, to j5create. As a result of these unlawful, unfair, and fraudulent acts and practices, j5create has been unjustly enriched, at the expense of HYPER, the lawsuit alleges.

"The fact that j5create's bestselling product is a direct knockoff of our HyperDrive product highlights the extent of j5create's infringement to HYPER's detriment," says Daniel Chin, Founder and CEO of HYPER by Sanho Corporation. "j5create's name itself is a misnomer, they should be called j5copy instead," he concluded.

HYPER demands a trial by jury and seeks injunctive relief, enhanced damages and redress for j5create's willful, intentional and unlawful infringement.

About Sanho Corporation

Celebrating our 13th year anniversary in 2018, HYPER by Sanho Corporation is a young, energetic team based in Silicon Valley, California. We specialize in delivering cutting edge IT & mobile accessories with a focus on Apple, portable power, data storage & connectivity products. Our award winning products include:

HyperJuice - Portable Power for MacBook, iPhone, iPad, USB
Pearl - Compact Mirror Battery Pack
HyperDrive - Data Storage & Connectivity
iStick - World's 1st Apple Lightning USB Flash Drive
iUSBport - World's 1st Wireless USB Port
HyperVR - Virtual Reality Headsets with Integrated Headphones
HyperLink - Apple Watch Bands
HyperThin - World's Thinnest HDMI Cables
HyperShield - Cases & Stylus

For more information, please visit www.HyperShop.com


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