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The world's first & original wireless USB port for iPhone, iPad & Android gets even better. Now with not one but Two USB ports
iUSBport2 features a microSDXC slot and two 5W powered USB ports that connect to any 2 USB drives (including 2 hard drives) and wirelessly makes the contents available to your iOS, Android or WiFi-enabled device. Instantly stream 5 different HD movies to 5 different devices or perform 2-way file transfer with up to 12 different users at the same time. No Internet, computer, router or external power required. iUSBport2 is the most advanced, versatile and compatible device you ever need to expand your mobile device storage. Free iOS/Android/Web app and also works with hundreds of HTTP/FTP/WebDAV/DLNA client apps. Patent Pending.

Wireless USB Port

Wireless USB Port for iPhone, iPad and Android. Expand your mobile device storage with iUSBport 2

Wireless Router

iUSBport 2 creates its own wireless network to share MicroSDXC/USB data with nearby WiFi-enabled devices

MicroSDXC Slot

Built-in MicroSDXC expansion slot to expand your iUSBport 2 storage to 64GB & more. Also works with MicroSDHC.

2 x USB Ports  

Plug in up to 2 USB drives (FAT, exFAT, HFS, NTFS) to make it wireless. Works with 2 hard drives even.

8 Hours Battery

Powered by a battery that lasts up to 8 hours, rechargeable via Micro USB so that you can take it anywhere you go.

No Internet Required

iUSBport 2 is a standalone device requiring no Internet, computers, routers or external power. Use it anywhere.

Stream Movies

Stream up to 5 different
1080p HD movies to
5 different devices

Stream Music, Photos, Docs

Stream music, photos and documents with up to
12 different users.

2-way File Transfer

Perform 2-way file transfer with up to 12 different users.

Works with iPhone/iPad

Free iPhone/iPad iOS app
Free web app that works in Safari/Chrome web browser

Works with Android

Free Android app
Free web app that works in Android/Chrome web browser


Also works with hundreds of apps that support HTTP, FTP, WebDAV, DLNA, uPnP
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HyperDrive iUSBport 2
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