Why You Should Switch to GaN Chargers

Why You Should Switch to GaN Chargers
Batteries and chargers have come a long way from the large nickel-cadmium batteries of the 1990s and chargers with ports built for specific devices of the early 2000s. Lithium-ion batteries have now paved the way for slimmer and more portable devices such as iPhone, iPad, MacBook, PC laptops, Android and more. Universal wall chargers designed to work via USB-C have recently had their own innovation revolutionize the way power is delivered to devices: Gallium Nitride (GaN for short).

What is a GaN Charger?

Unlike silicon chargers, GaN USB-C chargers use semiconductors made from Gallium Nitride to convert AC power from a socket into DC power that is safe for a device. Most are USB-C wall chargers that plug in directly and have universal USB-C ports for the power delivery out. Some, like HYPER’s HyperJuice 145W GaN USB-C Wall Charger, also have a USB-A port as well for older model charging cables. GaN chargers have proved over time to be more compact, more efficient, and safer than silicon wall chargers. In fact, GaN’s unique properties not only charge your devices more efficiently, they’re also safer and protect your batteries, helping them last longer.

What Makes GaN Chargers so Safe?

Higher Breakdown Voltage
GaN chargers have higher breakdown voltages and faster response capabilities than traditional silicon chargers. These characteristics allow GaN chargers to better handle fluctuations in the power grid, reducing the risk of internal and charging equipment damage. Therefore, GaN chargers provide a more reliable and safer charging experience.

More Efficient Power Conversion
Gallium nitride has great high-frequency performance and can achieve high-efficiency power conversion. In chargers, high-frequency operation helps reduce component size and weight while improving energy conversion efficiency. Gallium nitride can maintain good high-frequency performance at high temperatures, allowing the charger to still achieve high-efficiency charging under high-temperature conditions. This not only helps extend charger life, but also provides a more efficient charging experience.

Improved Thermal Performance
Gallium nitride chargers can maintain stable and reliable operation in high-temperature environments due to their high thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance. This makes GaN chargers an ideal choice, especially for scenarios that require use at high temperatures.

Along with internal advancements, the packaging technology of gallium nitride chargers has also been improved. The use of high-quality packaging materials and structural design reduces energy loss, adds thermal resistance and improves the overall energy efficiency of the charger.

Built-in Safety Features
HYPER is paving the way for USB-C charger safety, going beyond baseline industry standards in order to deliver GaN chargers that maximize the life of your devices. Some of these advanced safety features include overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, and temperature monitoring.

Compact Design
The biggest physical difference between silicon and GaN is their size. In chargers with similar power ratings, GaN chargers are usually smaller. HYPER’s compact design makes GaN USB-C chargers more portable for travel. If you’re someone that’s constantly on-the-go, GaN USB-C charger is the superior choice.

What Is the Best GaN Charger for You?

If you’re looking to upgrade, you should look no further than HYPER’s new GaN USB-C chargers. With three new options to choose from, there’s a charger that meets your needs.

The latest HyperJuice USB-C GaN Chargers – in 70W, 100W and 145W models – power up to 4 devices simultaneously, including pro laptops, tablets, and phones. They have everything you need for global travel, thanks to their compact design and included travel adapters. Additionally, they easily transform into a flexible desktop charger with included C8 adapter. With the most advanced and efficient GaN technology, this Apple charger can fast charge a MacBook Pro 16” from 0-50% in about 28 minutes (Based on 3rd party testing of the HyperJuice 145W GaN Charger).

Each GaN charger Goes Beyond safety with industry-leading testing, third-party certifications, and intelligent chips designed to provide 8 levels of protection. Their innovative design (including a Programable Power Supply for efficient thermal management and safe operation) results in a USB-C charger that runs 22% cooler than the leading charger brand (Based on internal testing with the HyperJuice 70W charging compared to a 65W charger from a leading charger brand).

Go Beyond. Revolutionize your charging experience with an ultra-safe HyperJuice USB-C GaN charger. Available now!

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