What is GaN Charging?

What is GaN Charging?

Discover what GaN charging is and understand why you should replace your old silicon charger with this innovative technology ASAP!


What is GaN charging?

For anyone inside or outside of the tech products industry, one of the most popular technologies you’re going to hear about over the next few years is going to be GaN. Now, before we go into further detail around how GaN chargers are transforming the charger category, let’s first talk about what GaN really is.

GaN is short for Gallium Nitride. 

This material has become the newest substitute for the age-old silicon chargers and semiconductors that you’ve used to power up your electronics for the last two decades or so. It’s rapidly taking the industry by storm and quickly replacing the older silicon-based technology with something totally boundary pushing.

What’s special about GaN chargers?

GaN chargers are all the craze right now—and the positive word of mouth is 100% well-deserved. So, if you’re asking yourself, “why would I want a GaN charger?”, we’ve tried to quickly summarize the benefits below.

  • GaN chargers are smaller than traditional charger.
  • GaN chargers have a wider band-gap, making it easier for energy to transfer through it.
  • GaN chargers have higher limits for temperature control, making them better at avoiding overheating. 

Simply put, if you’re tired of your chargers getting too hot, being too big and bulky or not charging your devices fast enough, then a GaN charger should be next up on your list of tech products to buy. Click here to see our best-selling GaN chargers.

Are GaN chargers safe?

Absolutely! TBH, they’re probably even safer than any other charger that you’ve ever used before. Seeing as GaN chargers process heat better than the traditional silicon chargers, it’s almost like they have built-in safety features without giving up any charging benefits.

Will GaN chargers last longer than silicon chargers?

Within the charger category, the longevity of a product’s lifespan is really all determined in how it controls heat and how efficient it is at passing energy. 

The best thing about GaN chargers (and why I only use them) is they keep overheating to a bare minimum which means a GaN charger is going to last much much longer than a non-GaN charger, even if it’s a newer model.

TLDR: Why you need (or want) a GaN charger

We get it, time is of the essence. If you’re looking to breeze your way through the article, take a GaNder at our TLDR section to get the quick skinny on why GaN chargers are the future.

  • GaN chargers are physically smaller
  • GaN chargers are lighter in weight
  • GaN chargers are more portable
  • GaN chargers are better at conducting heat and avoiding overheating
  • GaN chargers power your devices faster
  • GaN chargers last longer than traditional chargers
  • GaN chargers are compatible with Apple, Samsung, and Google devices

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