Top 3 iPad Accessories for Higher Ed

Top 3 iPad Accessories for Higher Ed
In many ways, laptops have given way to their smaller, lighter cousins—tablets. And on campus, devices like iPads are easier to tote around, fitting easily inside backpacks and messenger bags. They’re portable and powerful, and they need accessories that match that portability and power. That’s where Hyper tech accessories can help.

So, here’s our top 3 tech accessories to turn your iPad into a video-editing, note-taking, essay-writing, meme sharing, machine.

HyperDrive Hubs Transform iPads Into Workstations

You may have an iPad, but is your iPad a media hub? It could be. The HyperDrive 6-in-1 USB-C Media Hub transforms iPads into mobile workstations. Users can add essential ports and media keys, connect to external monitors with a 4K 60Hz HDMI port for expanded workspace, and use the included media keys to control music and videos for easy playback during study sessions or presentations.

HyperJuice GaN Charger Provide Portability and Power

No matter where students are working from, whether it’s a lecture hall on campus or a coffee shop off, Hyper GaN chargers ensure iPads stay charged and fully powered and up and running. The HyperJuice 70W USB-C GaN Travel Charger with 3 Ports is versatile and powerful. It's easy to pack, compact, and extremely portable, plus it can become a desktop charger with a C8 adapter when the school workload from school demands it.

Manage Files Easily and Transfer Them Instantly with a HyperDrive SSD Enclosure

With the addition of the HyperDrive Next USB4 NVMe SSD Enclosure, iPads can transfer data—fast. It’s ideal for large files and creative projects and assignments. With 40Gbps transfer speeds, there will be less downtime and more time for what matters. Plus, there are SD card slots for easy transfer of photos and videos. The HyperDrive SSD is even compatible with PS5 gaming consoles when a study break is needed.

So, if you want to enhance iPad productivity, extend battery life, seamlessly integrate with external devices, efficiently manage files and more, transform any iPad into a powerful aid with Hyper tech accessories.

Twenty-first century issues demand twenty-first century solutions, and the iPad is just the tool for that. Hyper tech is here for the assist, helping students make this the best academic year of their lives—now and in the future. You can find these back-to-school tools for success at

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