HYPER Announces Immediate Availability for HyperDrive DUO PRO

HYPER Announces Immediate Availability for HyperDrive DUO PRO

A Form-Fitting USB-C Hub That Adds 7 Essential Ports to MacBook from 2016-2021 & Beyond 



APRIL 19, 2022 - FREMONT, CA - Today, HYPER, the #1 Docking Station Brand in the USA¹, announced the immediate availability of HyperDrive DUO PRO after a successful crowdfunding campaign. DUO PRO is a form-fitting 7-in-2 USB-C Hub for the new 14” & 16” MacBook Pro 2021 and also works with any MacBook from 2016-2020. 

HyperDrive DUO PRO is virtually the same size as HyperDrive DUO, the original dual USB-C connector hub designed for the 2016 MacBook Pro five years ago that crowdfunded over $3.1 million and continues to be the most crowdfunded USB-C hub and MacBook accessory today. 

HyperDrive DUO PRO adds three essential ports missing in the 2021 MacBook Pro: Gigabit Ethernet, USB-A and MicroSD, as well as HDMI (for dual HDMI display setup for 2021 MacBook Pro), 3.5mm Audio Jack, USB-C Data and a USB/Thunderbolt compatible 40Gbps/100W PD port.  

HyperDrive DUO PRO also works with previous MacBook models from 2016 onwards, so MacBook users now have an ultra-compact USB-C hub that works with any MacBook Pro/Air from 2016 to 2021 and beyond. 

HyperDrive DUO PRO connects securely to the MacBook via two USB-C connectors and uses a patented magnetic grip design that further secures the USB-C hub onto the MacBook. Remove the grip and the slightly extended USB-C connectors of the HyperDrive will work with most MacBook protective cases. HyperDrive also comes with a USB-C extension cable to work with any USB-C device including iPad, PC, Chromebook and Android. 

HyperDrive will retail for $99.99 and is available now at hypershop.com. 

¹The NPD Group/Retail Tracking Service, U.S., Annual 2021. 



HyperDrive DUO PRO 7-in-2 USB-C Hub For 13”-16” MacBook Pro/Air 2016-2021 

  • 7 Essential Ports. HDMI 4K 60Hz, Gigabit Ethernet, USB-A 5Gbps, USB-C 5Gbps, MicroSD 104MB/s, 3.5mm Audio Combo Jack, and USB/Thunderbolt Compatible 40Gbps/100W Power Delivery Port. 
  • Fast & Reliable Gigabit Ethernet. Enjoy a blazing-fast Gigabit Ethernet connection for seamless virtual learning, video conferences or streaming, no matter where you go.  
  • Thunderbolt 4 Compatible Passthrough. The USB-C Thunderbolt 4 compatible passthrough port provides ultra-high speed 40Gbps data transfer, 100W Power Delivery, and up to 6K 60Hz video support. 
  • Connect To Legacy Devices. The USB-A 5Gbps port allows you to connect any keyboards, mice, flash drives or any other USB-A legacy devices you may have. 
  • HDMI 4K 60Hz Display Support. Give your MacBook, Windows PC or Chromebook the ability to connect to external displays with crystal clear HDMI 4K 60Hz video using a single USB-C connection.
  • Quickly Transfer Photo/Video Files. The UHS-I MicroSD slot gives you the ability to transfer photos or videos from mobile devices or drones at a blazing-fast 104MB/s. 
  • Fast Charging. Enjoy powering up your MacBook or any compatible USB-C device in a flash with our 100W USB-C Power Delivery pass-through charging port. 
  • Magnetic Grip. Whether you work in one place or all over the place, our Magnetic Grip allows the USB-C hub to securely attach to your MacBook. 
  • Color Matching Design. Our precision milled aluminum enclosure is available in Space Gray and Silver, to match any MacBook. 
  • Works With Protective Cases. The extended USB-C connectors allow for compatibility even if you’re using the hub with a protective case on the MacBook.
  • Compatible With USB-C iPad, Chromebook & PC. The included universal USB-C adapter allows for compatibility with any USB-C iPad, Chromebook or PC. 
  • Ports: HDMI 4K 60Hz with HDR Support (HDCP1.4/2.2), Gigabit Ethernet (RJ45:Support 10/100/1000Mbps), USB-C (Thunderbolt Compatible 40Gbps, 100W PD, 6K 60Hz video), USB-C 5Gbps (USB 3.1 Gen 1), USB-A 5Gbps (USB 3.1 Gen 1), MicroSD 104 MB/s (UHS-I), 3.5mm Audio Combo Jack. 
  • Dimensions: 119.40 x 37.50 x 11.10mm 
  • Weight: 56.6g 
  • Pricing & Availability: Available now for $99.99 at hypershop.com. 



About HYPER 

Celebrating its 17th year in business, HYPER is a dynamic team headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. We specialize in delivering award-winning, cutting-edge IT and mobile accessories with a focus on Apple, portable power & connectivity products. 

HYPER is guided by its promise of GET MORE™. Delivering more ports, more power, and more connectivity, which in turn delivers more quality time with family and friends, more experiences, and more memories to every HYPER customer around the world.  

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