How To Maximize Hybrid Work Life

How To Maximize Hybrid Work Life

No matter what industry you work in, there’s almost a 100% chance that over the last two years, how you work and where you work drastically shifted in some way, shape or form. 

At Hyper, it’s not only our mission to design power and connectivity solutions that improve your work-life or life-life—we want to provide content that’s designed to do the same. That’s why our latest blog explores some top hybrid work trends, successful productivity tips, as well as top-selling Hyper products that are sure to maximize your nine to five, wherever it takes you.

Do keep in mind, these are only suggestions. Much like one's taste in tech, music, art or food, how we work is subjective. Nonetheless, we hope you enjoy it!

  • Try getting started early.

If you’re currently working from home and having trouble staying productive, one trick to try is to dive into your to-do list early in the morning. Getting started on your tasks first thing can be a great way to make subtle progress throughout the day. Otherwise, that tricky morning sluggishness could break motivation.

  • Build a work space that suits you.

Just because you're working from home doesn't mean you can't build the most suitable workspace for you. If it resembles an office, cool. If not, that’s fine too. Make whatever allows you to be most productive and organized. One tip, try to stay away from places that are associated with leisure time, as this could subconsciously decrease your productivity.

  • Work when you’re most productive.

Different people hit their strides at different times throughout the day. Try to work when you work best and then capitalize on those really productive periods. Also, think about saving your more challenging tasks for when you know you'll be in the right headspace, and use the slower points of the day to knock out the easier tasks.

  • Schedule meetings in the afternoon.

If you're having difficulties developing a work schedule for yourself, a great tip is to knock out your simple tasks in the morning like checking and replying to emails and planning out your day. Save the phone calls, Teams meetings and collaborative work for when you've really hit your stride.

  • Take breaks.

Whether you’re working from home or commuting to the office, we can sometimes rely on more tech for our breaks. Rather than just opening YouTube and watching some comfort videos, use your breaks to get away from where you’re working. Get outside, go for a walk, enjoy some air, or spend time with friends or family who could be working where you are.

  • Meal prep during the weekend.

If you’re anything like me, decisions on food can take up more time than you predicted. So, maybe try prepping your lunches early in the week or during the prior weekend so you can use your meal times to eat and relax, versus whipping up a meal as quickly as you can.

  • Remember to turn off.

One of the trickiest parts about working from home is simply turning off. Even once the day is over, we can get caught up in a task and completely lose track of time. Resist the temptation to work all day everyday, there is no quicker way to reach burnout. So, please, set a time, and once you’ve reached it, everything else can wait till tomorrow.


Time is money so I don’t blame you for scrolling here. If you did, the below list quickly summarizes some of the most successful hybrid work trends we’ve found over the last two years. 

  • Try getting started early
  • Build a work space that suits you
  • Work when you’re most productive
  • Schedule meetings in the afternoon
  • Take breaks
  • Meal prep during the weekend
  • Remember to turn off

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