Everyday Carry Tech Essentials - Hyper

Everyday Carry Tech Essentials - Hyper

At Hyper, it’s our goal for you to GET MORE™ out of life. And not only more connectivity and power, we want you to be prepped so you can get the most out of each and every day.

With summer here, there’s no question that a number of us will be traveling, spending time with friends and family, and working the nine to five. That’s why our latest blog explores some uniquely curated products that you’ll find in our top creators’ everyday carry bags. 

Whether you’re a road-warrior creative, an IT professional, or an entrepreneur, your everyday tech essentials are, well, essential to success. So, make sure you’re ready for anything with Hyper’s suite of summer-centric connectivity solutions, cables and power accessories.


A sleek, slim MacBook Hub, perfect for your desk or on-the-go.

Why HyperDrive DUO PRO is an everyday essential:

  • 7-port, form-fitting USB-C Hub
  • MacBook case compatibility
  • USB-C extension cable for multiple device usage

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    A Universal USB-C Hub in case you use a Mac & a PC.

    Why HyperDrive 5 Port Hub is an everyday carry essential:

    • 5-port, universal USB-C Hub
    • 4K 60Hz display support
    • Gigabit ethernet

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    A powerful & portable mobile Docking Station.

    Why HyperDrive USB4 Mobile Dock is an everyday carry essential:

    • Dual extended display support
    • 85W power delivery passthrough charging
    • Incredibly slim & portable

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    An ergonomic Laptop Stand with integrated ports.

    Why HyperDrive USB-C Hub Stand is an everyday carry essential:

    • 7-port USB-C hub integrated into a laptop stand
    • Foldable & super portable
    • 5 ergonomic typing settings

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    A USB-C Hub with media keys that transforms your iPad.

    Why USB-C Media Hub is an everyday carry essential:

    • 6-port USB-C Hub for iPad
    • Integrated media shortcut keys
    • 4K 60Hz display support & microSD

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    Flexible & tough USB-C cables to keep you connected.

    Why HyperDrive USB-C cables are an everyday carry essential:

    • 6 foot cable, perfect for smartphones, tablets or laptops
    • 100W power delivery
    • 10Gbps data transfer

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    A portable battery pack for long days or nights away from outlets.

    Why HyperJuice Magnetic Wireless Battery is an everyday carry essential:

    • Slim, magnetic battery pack for iPhone 12/13
    • 5000mAh capacity
    • Charge it while you use it

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    A compact, portable charger that works in multiple countries.

    Why HyperJuice 66W GaN USB-C Charger is an everyday carry essential:

    • Super slim & compact
    • Charge three devices simultaneously
    • Includes EU, UK, AU converters

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    Looking for more hybrid work essentials? 

    Maximize your productivity or optimize your workflow at home, at the office or on the go with Hyper’s USB-C connectivity and power solutions perfect for hybrid work life.


    Explore them here.

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