Compact GaN Technology Unleashes the Power of 35W Chargers for MacBook Air, iPad, iPhone, and more.

Compact GaN Technology Unleashes the Power of 35W Chargers for MacBook Air, iPad, iPhone, and more.
As portable devices have had an ever-increasing role in our lives, so has the need for charging devices that are conveniently portable as well. For a long time, though, high-powered charging devices had to be bulky and were difficult to take with you. Luckily, GaN (Gallium Nitride) technology has transformed the charging industry, enabling the creation of chargers that are both powerful and compact. We'll explore how GaN technology has made it possible to have incredibly small 35W chargers that effortlessly power devices like MacBook Air, iPad, iPhone, and beyond.

GaN Technology and Compactness

GaN chargers utilize the remarkable properties of Gallium Nitride, a semiconductor material that is revolutionary for charging solutions. Thanks to GaN technology, these chargers can deliver higher power within a significantly smaller form factor. The result is a compact 35W charger that perfectly balances portability and performance, making it ideal for on-the-go charging needs.

MacBook Air

GaN technology has shrunk the size of 35W chargers to an impressive degree, while still providing ample power to charge a MacBook Air. These compact chargers are a traveler's dream. At around the size of a ping-pong ball, it fits effortlessly into any bag or backpack without adding unnecessary weight. With GaN chargers, you can confidently charge your MacBook Air wherever your adventures take you. You can charge the MacBook Air M2 from 1% to got to 60% in one hour, and a full charge in about two.

iPad and iPhone

When it comes to powering your iPad or iPhone, GaN chargers truly shine. The compactness of these chargers ensures they're easy to carry in your pocket or purse, making on-the-go charging a breeze. Whether you're working, streaming, or capturing memories, a 35W GaN charger offers a reliable and compact power source for your beloved Apple devices.

Other Apple Devices

GaN chargers aren't limited to just MacBook Air, iPad, and iPhone. They have the versatility to charge a range of other Apple devices too. From the iPod Touch to the Apple Watch (using a compatible USB-A to Lightning cable), and even accessories like AirPods or AirPods Pro (with a Lightning to USB cable), GaN chargers provide a streamlined charging experience for your entire Apple ecosystem.

Android Devices and Beyond

Don't worry, Android users—GaN chargers have got you covered as well! These chargers are compatible with numerous Android devices that support USB-C charging. Whether you have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, a Google Pixel phone, or any other USB-C capable gadget, a compact 35W GaN charger ensures you can power up your device throughout the day.

With the power of GaN technology, the charging game has become forever changed. Conveniently compact and powerful, 35W GaN chargers offer a convenient and efficient way to charge your MacBook Air, iPad, iPhone, Android devices, and more. Enjoy the freedom of carrying a lightweight charger that effortlessly fits into your lifestyle, while still providing ample power to keep your devices charged. Embrace the convenience and compactness of GaN chargers, and simplify your charging experience wherever you go!

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