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HyperJuice Magic Box - MagSafe Modification Kit

Magic Box modify your existing Apple MagSafe Power Adapter (Note: It is compatible with MagSafe 2 Power Adapter) to use with HyperMac/HyperJuice External MacBook Batteries.

Compatibility: All models of Apple MacBook / MacBook Pro / MacBook Air

Please note: This item ONLY works with HyperJuice MBP1.5/ 2 batteries.
Product Code: MBP-BOX
Availability: Usually ships in 5-7 business day
  • Only 2 minutes to attach 2 "Magic Box" adapters along MagSafe Power Adapter cord
  • Create your own MagSafe charging cable to charge any MacBook with HyperJuice External Battery or Car Charger
  • Recharge HyperJuice with Apple MagSafe Power Adapter. No need to carry separate HyperJuice power adapter
  • Use as normal MagSafe Power Adapter to charge MacBooks
  • Free car charger to charge your MacBook in the car
  • Please refer to this MODIFICATION GUIDE
  • Please read in the SUPPORT about recharging HyperJuice battery with Magic Box
1.) The proper way to recharge MBP2-100Wh battery with Magic Box:
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2.) How does the Magic Box modification kit work?
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