HyperDrive GEN2 18-in-1 USB-C Docking Station / USB-C Hub

HyperDrive GEN2 is the next generation of USB-C Hub with 2X the speed and power of current 1st generation hubs. 2X video refresh rate (4K60Hz vs 4K30Hz), 2X USB speed (10Gbps vs 5Gbps), 3X memory card transfer speed (300MB/s vs 104MB/s) and 2X power delivery (100W vs 50W).
Add 18 ports
Turn a single USB-C port on any device or computer into a USB-C docking station with 18 high speed/power ports like HDMI 4K60Hz x 2, DP 4K60Hz, VGA, USB-A 10Gbps x 2, USB-C 10Gbps, USB-A 2.0 x 2, USB-A QC 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet, Coxial SPDIF, Toslink Optical Fiber, 3.5mm Audio Jack TRRS, UHS-II MicroSD/SD 4.0 312MB/s, DC 180W and USB-C Power Delivery 100W.
Triple (HDMI x 2, DP x 1) 4K 60Hz Video - 2X refresh rate
Experience high-resolution 4K video on HDMI/DP displays with twice the refresh rate for faster, smoother video. *MacOS supports SST (Single Stream Transport) so it will show one extended display with the same image on all external displays at 4K60Hz. Windows/Chrome OS supports MST (Multi Stream Transport) and will support 3 extended displays. 1 display at 4K60Hz. 2 displays at 4K30Hz + 4K30Hz. 3 displays at 4K30Hz + 4K30Hz + 1080p.
USB-C/USB-A 10Gbps - 2X speed
2nd generation USB-C/USB-A 3.2 10Gbps with 2X the transfer speed over 1st generation USB-C/USB-A 3.0 5Gbps. *Apple SuperDrive not supported.
Gigabit Ethernet
Allows for fast wired network connection where wireless network are unreliable or unavailable
3.5mm Audio Jack
Replace headphone/microphone jack missing in the latest USB-C mobile devices
Digital Audio Input/Output
Perfect for audio professionals with high fidelity digital coxial and optical fiber toslink input/output
UHS-II MicroSD/SD - 3X memory card speed
Transfer UHS-II MicroSD/SD 4.0 memory cards 3X faster over previous UHS-I 3.0 speed.
100W USB-C Power Delivery
Supports type-C pass-through charging. Quick charge your USB-C computer and device while using the USB-C hub at the same time.
Professional Design
Minimalistic industrial look that is both elegant and functional. The ridged, all-metallic exterior enables fast heat dissipation and makes it cool to the touch. Stand vertically and lie horizontally flat.

Take Your Docking Station to the Next Level

Also available in 6-Port and 12-Port

Video review by 9to5mac.com


133.35 x 95.25 x 44.45mm
5.25” x 3.75” x 1.75” (29.5” cable)

21.2oz / 1.33lbs

Model / Barcodes
HD-G218 / UPC 817110014526
HD-G218 / EAN 6941921145989

Optional Power Supply
By adding on the power supply, you can get 100W Power Delivery to your laptop.

Output Ports
MicroSD UHS-II 300MB/s
3.5mm Audio Jack
USB-A 10Gbps
USB-C Power Delivery 100W
USB-A 10Gbps
USB-A 2.0
USB-A 2.0
Gigabit Ethernet
DisplayPort 4K60Hz
USB-A QC 3.0 18W
USB-A 10Gbps
DC Power Port
Digital Coaxial Audio
Optical Toslink Audio

Input Connector

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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