Pearl Mini 1600mAh

LED Ring Compact Mirror & USB Battery

A smaller cuter version of the popular Pearl Compact Mirror USB Battery Pack


  • USB-A
Pearl Mini 1600mAh — LED Ring Compact Mirror & USB Battery
Comic Pink
$ 19.99


Compact Makeup Mirror
2 mirrors (normal & 3X magnified)

LED Ring Light
Built-in LED ring light to help makeup in the dark

1600mAh Battery Pack
Built-in 1600mAh USB battery pack to charge smartphones 

10W High Power Output
10W (5V, 2.1A) USB output capable of charging tablets

Rechargeable via Micro USB
5W (5V, 1A) micro USB input

4 Stage LED Indicator
4 stage LED battery level indicator

Ultra Compact
73 x 73 x 18mm
2.9" x 2.9" x 0.7"

Product FAQ
Product FAQ

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